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We make the best BBQ Sauce that you have ever tasted anywhere in the World.  We use some of the best ingredients grown on the planet ,Sun Ripened tomatoes, spices and special features.

The succulent flavor of the sauce is extraordinary where one must try to appreciate the true meaning of BBQing.

We make our sauce every day and ship it to you fresh just the way you like it.

The sauce has been taste tested by our family, friends and customers which they all agree this is the best Bangin BBQ sauce they've ever tasted.

We know you’ll enjoy Brooks’ Bangin BBQ Sauce just like our friends, family and customers have over the years.   We appreciate your business.

*Because of the covid-19 virus situation we are not making any local deliveries right now.  All orders will be taken on line only and mailed to you directly.  We encourage you to buy this wonderful sauce an experience you’ll never regret.  1st Place Winner Best in Division Del Mar Fair.  Voted best BBQ Sauce in Southern California. * 2019 - 2022.  

An Exciting Experience in BBQ Sauce

A Fantastic Experience in BBQ Sauce

Heaven in a Bottle

This secret family recipe has been handed down for generations and passed along to be kept in a special vault hermetically sealed to preserve its freshness!!!

We work painstaking hours to make sure this secret recipe is kept secret which the workers have signed an agreement of secrecy to keep this recipe hermetically sealed to preserve its freshness!!!

Made with all-natural ingredients.

1st Place Winner Best in Division Del Mar Fair.  Voted best BBQ Sauce in Southern California. * 2019 - 2022 


Customer Stories

Customers have told us that our sauce is the best they have ever tasted and out performs with an explosive taste.

Customer Stories

One customer told us that she saw a bottle in the refrigerator of her daughter-in law and put it on her ribs and said it was the best she had ever tasted. She then she came straight to us and bought 6 bottles and said this is BBQ sauce that you can’t find in the stories.

Customer Stories

Another customer said if he had a BBQ party he definitely would buy Brooks Bangin BBQ sauce for the party hands down.